2022 Dragon 4 Axle Mechanical Detach Trailer

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Rear Axles
Low Profile Flat Bed with removable neck.
60 tons (120,000 lb) distributed over 16 ft.
Overall length
59' – 8"
Deck length
45' – 0"
Deck width
8' – 6" (102")
Deck height
3' – 5" (41")
Deck Camber
2" nominal, neck to tail.
King Pin Settings
16" and 34"
Swing Clearance
8' – 6" (102") and 10' – 0" (120").
4 beam design. Fabricated beams from a A514 T-1 high tensile steel flanges and webs. Main beams boxed reinforced at critical deck transition, 2-1 minimum safety factor at maximum payload stresses.
Front Deck
22'-8" L, 2" apitong attached at ends and every other cross member.
Rear Deck
22' -4" L including tail roller, 1/4" steel plate deck, continuous welds on top, intermittent welds on under side.
Mechanical removable with roller at rear, 2 King Pin locations, spare tire carrier each side.
Rear Deck Roller
8" SCH 160 pipe (8 5/8" OD) with double spherical bearings, 2 sets of over load rollers, grease fittings on main roller and overload rollers.
Neck Roller
6" SCH 160 pipe (6-5/8" OD) with double spherical bearings, grease fittings, cable guide flanges.
Deck Load Rollers
6" SCH 160 pipe (6-5/8" OD) with double spherical bearings, grease fittings, air operated to raise, spring load to lower, used to assist in unloading skidded loads off the rear.
Pin Pockets
1 each side at rear on 45 degree angle with 1/2" grab hooks, 2 each side in main deck inside outer beam, 7 each side on outside of outer beam.
D Rings
15 on each side, outside of outer beam, 2 inside of neck.
11 each side, forged heavy duty, locking against beam and at 90 degrees to beam
Traction Cleats
3/4" x 1" A514 T-1 steel, continuous welds solid on up hilltop, intermittent welds on downhill side.
30,000 lb. (per axle) air ride, air lift on front and rear axles, manual dump all axles, travel limit straps on all axles.
4 -25,000 lb. round with outboard drums.
255R/70 x 22.5 Radial
16 1/2 x 7, spring parking brakes on 4 axles, auto slack adjusters
4" SCH 80 pipe with 4 -D rings
Mud Flaps
Anti Sail
Full DOT lights, sealed led lights.
All surfaces near white metal steel grit blast, 2.5 ml profile (SP-6), primed and color coated (before decking) with high solids polyurethane, 4-6 ml dry film thickness.
Dragon 4 Axle Mechanical Detach Trailer 2022 Dragon 4 Axle Mechanical Detach Trailer